Touch, Sound, Presence

Harp Massage™ is a beautiful sensory experience. Each session becomes a unique, collaborative process between you, Zoë, and harpist Anahita Holden. For the duration of your massage Anahita fills the room with her music, playing improvisations, originals and favorites. During your intake you may request whether you would like vocals included as well. Studies have shown that much like relaxation massage, live harp music induces the parasympathetic nervous system so that your mind and body will rest and digest.



Anahita holden

Anahita is trained in both classical harp and clinical psychology, focusing her craft on the healing properties of sound. Her aim is to cultivate an environment of emotional safety and nurturing for those who receive her music making. The resonance of her harp playing allows for a space to truly relax and support emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.



60 minutes    $200

75 minutes     $250

90 minutes    $300